Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dieting on a Budget

At a recent doctor visit, my blood pressure was high. I've never had blood pressure other than when I was pregnant. It was definitely a wake up call. I'm too young to have high blood pressure! I need to loose weight. For a few weeks I looked up healthy recipes and had a ball finding delicious recipes with low calories and fat. But my grocery bill increased every week. It can be really expensive too eat healthily.
At this point in our lives, it is very necessary for us to reduce our grocery bill. Other bills will not get paid if we don't. It's serious. I am going to have to try to eat healthily and save money.

So here's my current diet plan. I will fix my regular frugal meals and improvise as I go along. You'll notice that most of the recipes on my blog use ground turkey instead of ground beef. Turkey is much healthier and in my area it is actually less expensive. I try to use reduced fat cheese and sour cream when I can get it for a good price. All of this helps.

There are some meals that I can skip the starchy side dish, too. For example, my oldest daughter loves mac and cheese so I make it for her about once a week. Those nights, I'll eat the meat and veggie and skip the mac and cheese. It's usually plenty of food and I save on calories and carbs.

I try to keep fruits and veggies stocked as snacks. We are able to get WIC which helps us buy some fresh fruit and veggies.

So far I've lost 10 pounds, which is the first weight loss goal my doctor recommended. Yay! I'll keep my eyes and ears open for more budget friendly dieting tips and share them here.


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